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If, you are looking for a formula with purity, that is completely natural to fight the dangerous toxins in your bloodstream, that are the reason for gum disease and tooth decay, keep reading about Dentafend.

Dentafend Ingredients

Flaxseed contains powerful antioxidant abilities, which kill the bacteria and pathogens inside the blood. It also has lignin substance, which helps for destroying inflammation and helps for maintaining your blood sugar levels, additionally.

Bentonite clay: This one is really great and acts like a sponge, it collects bateria from your mouth and teeth and it destroys it.

Oat bran: This one contains powerful antioxidants that aim to eliminate the bacteria colonies and make it safe from future spread in the body. There are researches that say oat bran decreaes the bleeding of gums and stops inflammation in the deep parts of the gums.

Apple pectin: This one is known to rejunevate soft tissue inside the body like gums. It also has additional effect of reducing damage to the gums..

Black walnut: The polyphenols inside of this, which help for rejuventation and process of healing of the gums and teeth. Researches show that black walnuts can enhance the speed of recovering the gums faster, when compared to other herbal extracts like green tea & miswak.

Psyllium husk: This one has anti bacterial abilities helping your body to clearn the harmful bacteria.

Prune extract: Similar to psyllium, prune extract contains anti bacterial abilities, that destroy the dangerous bacteria from your gums.

Aloe vera: Aloe is known as one that contain high amount of polyphenol compounds from a lot of usual plant compounds. It also contains antifungal, antiviral and other abilities, that support the gums and make them safe from building up bacteria.

Dentafend alo has other pure probiotic known as lactobacillus acidophilus, it helps the immune system and the good bacteria also eliminates the bacteria inside your mouth and gums.

Dentafend is without any chemical, made with only pure ingredient, suitable for both men and women at any age to enhance their gum and teeth health.

Dentafend is all natural. To get to the official site click the button below.

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