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Folital is a new dietary supplement that is designed to help for hair loss and baldness in both men and women, no matter of their age. This formula is made with only natural ingredients, that are tested and proven to work and help for the hair falling and balding issues.

The natural capsule of Folital makes it easy for you. Folital is helped thousands of people to cure their baldness problems.

Folital Ingredients

There are 29 proven ingredients inside of it, that have positive effect for baldness. The combination of ingredients like psyllim, black walnut, oat,prune fruit, L. acidophilus, glucomannan, apple pectin flaxseed, bentonite, , and aloe vera. There are some others like silicon dioxide, gelatin, magnesium sterate. All of them are combined to enhance hair growth and make it thicker and stronger.

Let’s see at the vitamins inside.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is really helpful for our body and it provides important antioxidants needed for hair growth. The lack of them can result in thinning the hair. Luckily the antioxidants of vitamin B1 help to decrease the stress and damage made from toxins and radicals.

Vitamin B2

There is also vitamin B2 inside the formula, because of its immune boosting abilities. This helps your body for the inside defense methods to be safe from bacteria and other toxins to come on your scalp and affecting the hair follicles. B2 keeps the follicles healthy and boosts hair growing.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is really good for restoration of color and improves the texture of your hair and contributes to stronger hair. If your hair is thinning or greying, this ingredient is really beneficial to help you.

Psyllium husk

The psyllium husk content in Folital helps you to stop hair brekage and loss of hair. It improves the nutrient digestion and absorption, which helps you to make sure the important minerals and vitamins are in your hair follicles.


Flaxseed is helpful for many things. Researches show that those seeds contain itamin B in a lot of amounts. If it is consumed regularly, like it is part of Folital, this ingredient helps for your hair to be stronger and healthier.

Bentonite clay

That’s another one inside this combination. Bentonite clay works as a moistuizer and prevents pollutants from making damage to your hair.


Biotin is used in a lot of hair products like shampoos, mostuizers, hair conditioners. This ingredient in a safe way helps for hair growth and to avoi balding and patchy hair.

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